Monday, July 4, 2016

Muslim Man Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend 41 Times, Offers 5 Words To Excuse It

 UK: Muslim Man Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend 41 Times, Offers 5 Words To Excuse It

A forty-one-year-old Muslim thug stabbed his pregnan girlfriend 41 times, but he is trying to convince the court that he is not to blame

Babur Karamat Raja stabbed Natalie Queiroz in the street when she was 36 weeks pregnant, only days away from giving birth. The gruesome and shocking story is coming out after Raja gave a disgraceful excuse for his horrendous behavior.
Raja was a Muslim migrant living in the United Kingdom when he met Natalie Queiroz, a 40-year-old Christian woman. The two seemingly hit it off. Natalie became Raja’s girlfriend, and the couple became intimately involved. When she told Raja she was pregnant, he seemed excited to become a father. Although he did not propose marriage to Natalie, he told her he would always be there to support her and the baby.

According to Natalie, Raja expressed plans to transfer 36,000 pounds (approximately $50,000) into her bank account to financially support her. However, when the money never materialized, he said he needed to meet her right away, asking her where she was at the time. She remembered laughing at his inquiry and asking, “Are you stalking me?”
Unfortunately, that is exactly what he was doing, and after learning her exact location, he put on a disguise and attacked her, stabbing her 41 times in the chest and abdomen. Doctors said the only thing that saved her life and that of her child was her breast implants.
Two nearby men heard a woman screaming, “Oh no, please, not the baby!” They responded quickly, pulling Raja off of Natalie as the violent Muslim tried to stab them. They subdued him until police arrived.
Natalie was in critical condition and airlifted to a trauma center, where she underwent life-saving surgery. Luckily, the baby, who was delivered by emergency c-section, is perfectly healthy. However, Natalie will never be the same. Her injuries are permanent as she suffers daily anxiety and is struggling.
So, why did Raja try to kill the woman he called “the love of his life”? More importantly, why does he think he isn’t to blame for doing it? According to Jane Humphryes, his attorney, “[H]is mother ‘literally drove him mad’ in the run-up to the attack by forcing him to choose between her love and that of his partner. The family turmoil ‘tipped him over the edge’ leading to a temporary mental illness or ‘adjustment disorder,’ leaving him with little memory of what he had done.”
The attorney explained that his mother gave him an ultimatum, telling him to either get rid of the girlfriend or he’d never see his mother again. Raja claims that, at that point, he lost his mind and had no idea what he was doing or why. Of course, that is a lie. He premeditated the whole thing, using with a disguise after learning her exact location.
With an excuse reminiscent of the script for Norman Bates in Psycho, alleging that “mommy made me do it,” Raja is trying to free himself from all accountability. However, few familiar with the famous storyline would say that a psychotic Norman shouldn’t have been punished for his murderous behavior.
However, make no mistake, this crime wasn’t the result of a psychotic break. It was fueled by something much worse. Raja is a 41-year-old man, not some kid who made a mistake. So, why would he feel his only course of action was to kill his girlfriend and baby? The answer is deep in Muslim culture and Islamic Sharia law.
In Islam, marrying a non-Muslim is prohibited. The Muslim culture centers on family honor, and women are stoned to death for adultery. Raja’s mother did not know Natalie Queiroz was pregnant, so Raja got nervous, knowing he only had days before his baby was born.
In his mind and in the minds of all Muslims who follow Sharia law, the only course of action that would allow a non-violent reaction would be to disavow the girlfriend and baby, but give financial support. However, in most Muslim countries, Natalie would have already been dead, stoned for fornication.
This is exactly why he did what he did. He was not temporarily mentally ill unless liberals are finally admitting that you have to be sick in the head to follow Islam. Natalie Queiroz and her baby are the victims of Islamic laws, and although that is so blatantly politically incorrect to say, it is the truth.

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  1. Muslim men are entitled to marry non-Muslim women. However it is FORBIDDEN for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. Mind you, in the service of Islam just about anything is permissible. Muslim men are entitled to have sex outside marriage so long as the female is not a Muslim and/or he bought her in a slave market. (Quran 4:24)

  2. Your conclusions as to the workings of this murderer's mind are self contradictory: First of all you say, "In his mind.....the only course of action.... would be to disavow the girlfriend and baby, but give financial support." Then you say: "This is exactly why he did what he did." REALLY? He didn't merely disavow (let alone support) his girlfriend and baby, he tried to murder them both by stabbing them 41 times! My conclusion is that this guy is criminally insane and belongs behind bars for life. His religion, ethnicity and culture appears to have no demonstrable connection to his actions.